To Dream…

Is to unite fellow dreamers in a world of outdoor fantasy.


The Mad Hatter Event

#KidsDreamFest turns stereotypical events on it’s head to produce quirky world class choreographed entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.

And clearly like-minded dreamers are a plenty… the first
#KidsDreamFest event hosted at the iconic Blue Train Park in 2017
was completely sold out – a wonderful fun filled success.
The seed has been planted…

The Road Less Travelled…

Children’s events are more often than not rather agonising for their parents, grandparents and or caregivers and sometimes even for the kids themselves; with garish music, bright fluorescent mall-lighting, confined spaces, repeated plays of Disney characters, overpriced plastic trinkets and junk ‘dumbed-down’ food.

The #KidsDreamFest changes all of this by presenting an outdoor family experience that excites, inspires and wholesomely caters for parents, grandparents and their young children in a safe, natural, outdoor environment.