About the Event

Down The Rabbit Hole
with, The Mad Hatter

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The Mad Hatter Event


Calling all rabbits!… calling all rabbits!…

The Kids Dream Fest presents a bouncing, egg-crazy mischievous outdoor Easter adventure. Kids, join the Mad Hatter, miss Alice and their army of Easter wonderland cirque artists in a kooky mix of fantasy “Down The Rabbit Hole” to explore the gardens of imagination. Dress up, colour up, rock up… join the hunt for more than 2000 hidden Easter eggs, win fancy dress prizes and hop on the Blue Train. Adults can relax, enjoy some music, indulge in delicious organic treats from a variety of food stalls and simply absorb the theatre while the kids roam free, outdoors under the early Autumn sun.

You can look forward to:

1. The Mad Hatter and Alice leading the day with surprises galore.

2. 30 themed costumed performers to entertain the little ones.

3. More than 2000 chocolate eggs hidden in the park

4. Three “golden eggs” to be found containing R1500 each

5. An organic‘Farmers Market’ serving delicious organic food treats.

Enquiries: info@kidsdreamfest.co.za